Guitar better than Gun

The Live Band Tour Guitar better than Gun kicked of on the 2nd of december 2007 at the rock Aberdeen Beach and left a trail of delight nationwide in Sierra Leone.
The show, which was sponsored by the Prince Claus Fund for Culture and Development in the Netherlands, was meant to discourage the youth from violence and instead opt for peace and music.
The final show of seven Guitar better than Gun concerts was at the Reggae Rock of Aberdeen Beach. No date could have been most appropriate and suitable for this all important concert. For the people of Freetown, January 6th 1999 was the worst day ever seen or remembered. In the eleven years civil war of Sierra Leone this was the day the RUF rebels invaded Freetown and inflicted an untold carnage of the people. Thousands of lives and properties were lost. The wrath of the guns and bombs was nakedly felt. So for a live band concert to be held in commemoration of that day was widely embraced. For more information click [here]
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