Vision for the Blind

Vision for the Blind, a band of seven excellent but blind artists from Sierra Leone, launches debut album:

"Salone go bete"

The day will come that Sierra Leone will be prosperous.

..............Vision for the Blind started when Conteh and friends Thaimu Didymus Kargbo, Alie Martin Sesay, Sam and Paul graduated from the Milton Margai School for the Blind in November 2003 and grew to a membership of 25.

They were introduced to Mrs Kabba by popular DJ Base during the vigil of Kabba in 2003 and that started their friendship.
Speaking about their contributing track 'Keep the Fire Burning', Conteh said it was a work of genius that invokes good spirit and that they are planning to come out with other tracks soon. Conteh also made a clarion call to the general public for assistance in providing start-up kits for the training of blind people so that they will be able to practicalise their know-how.