Vision for the Blind

Vision for the Blind, a band of seven excellent but blind artists from Sierra Leone, launches debut album:

"Salone go bete"

They sing faithfull is the Lord on the day of her husbands funeral, Amara Kabineh Kabba, in Sierra Leone. With this song 4 blind men bring an ode to their reggae star who suddenly passed away through a tragic accident. They leave a permentent impression on those who pay their last honour to Sierra Leone's musical hero in June 2003.

One year later they contact eachother again, these blind men and Amara Kabba's widow in the Netherlands, AnneMarie Tiebosch. These blind are in need of support for their newly established organisation Vision for the Blind. While AnneMarie is searching for a possibility how to contribute towards the development of a professional music industry in Sierra Leone.
In 2006, this cooperation between them and AnneMarie is a fact and the Shain foundation is born!
"salone go bete, night&day, susan