Shain means

Everything that radiates positivity and strength. Besides that it is the name of the deceased reggae star Amara Kabba.

Mission: Shain Foundation is a production house for music projects and youth in Sierra Leone and the Netherlands.
Vision: Shain Foundation wants to activate, inspire and inform young music talent to make music in order to find peace in a life after war and violence.
The team: The director of Shain Foundation is AnneMarie Tiebosch, Amara Kabba's widow. Jonathan Conteh and Ishaka Jumu are coordinating the affairs of Shain Foundation in Sierra Leone.

Shain activities are 5fold:
Promotion of Sierra Leone musicians, Fundraising for cultural projects in Sierra Leone, Capacity building of cultural organizations in Sierra Leone, Promotion of culture and reconstruction within Sierra Leone, Establishment of a music studio and creative space for young talent in Amsterdam.
Shain band members