Shain's history

25th of November 2005. Amsterdam Saw the rise of a new foundation. Shain Foundation. Hope and promise for Sierra Leone. Reggae talent torn apart by war, brought together by music.
The Shain Foundation was founded by AnneMarie
Tiebosch, the widow of the late reggae legend
Amara Kabba who died in 2003. Amara fled the extreme
violence of the 1991-2001 civil war. This brutal war tore
up the entire region and various warlords exploited youth
making them serve as child soldiers.
During his life Amara and AnneMarie supported Sierra
Leonean talent to make their dreams come true. Amara shared his lifework with the youthful talent with the aim that others also should have the chance to build up a life for themselves.
Painting of the Kabbas
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