Shain Band

based in the Netherlands, tours everywhere!

So many times as we drove around the streets of Freetown you could hear Amara's music blaring from music vendors speakers - and you could hear it above all the noise, all the people, all the cars - and I can tell you that so many times I felt that this music was THE soundtrack to Sierra Leonean life. (Zach Niles- Refugee All Stars)
The Shain band is the band of the late Amara Kabba that has stayed together after Amara's tragic incident at Lumley Beach, Freetown. Shain means something on the lines of 'Sworn to Peace'. The band recorded the 'Confront it!' album with Amara, won the 2007 Reggae Awards for its music.
Ever since, the band is committed to spreading the peaceful message of Amara. The band performs with a complete formation of percussion, brass section and a female vocalist. Discover the music that Sierra Leone listens to daily! For more information & bookings, please mail us [here]